2010 Industry Opportunities Prospectus: Interviews, discussions and actionable ideas

New Year | New Content Starting today Printers’ Marketplace will be interviewing and holding public discussions designed to flesh-out opportunities for printers of all types. It’s certainly easy to point out obstacles, nay say and attempt to look smart by saying no. So Printers’ Marketplace is asking where are all the good ideas? What actionable and profitable strategies can we as printers implement that churns out more black ink than red?

On December 21st I spoke with Jeff Majewski, President of TCG Graphics.

Based on the demands of your clients is TCG planning any fundamental changes to its core printing business in 2010? Not our core business, but we will alter the game by adding additional services to capture more revenue from each client. For instance, we added mailing services three years ago, digital printing and, most recently, specialty packaging.

Adding services during a period of no or slow growth is certainly a bold strategy. Specialty packaging is first and foremost a play for additional revenue capture from TCG’s long-standing strength with Pharmaceutical clients. Die cutters, folder glues are definitely an investment in the future. The additions TCG has made are all geared toward physical output consumers can’t receive digitally.

Ask yourself this long-term question: What services will my customer’s have-to-have printed in the next 5 years? Am I equipped, staffed, and ready to sell these needs?

What opportunities in print should publishers and print buyers be excited about for 2010?An investment in management systems that increases your communication between supplier and client could be a big improvement for your organization. With closer to real time information clients and shops can both enjoy leaner production costs making a profit in a weak economy possible.

For shops producing multiple works everyday, the advantages are clear for accurate status updates and delivery times. MIS systems, even in the retail consumer market, and advancements in digital printing quality are leading print buyers to think and act like JIT consumers even if the project isn’t time sensitive.

Ask yourself this short-term question: How often does your organization communicate with its clients during the production process? Are you engaged in a game of managing expectations? Can you arm your clients with information that would help them achieve the success beyond goals of the project? Most everyone wants to be thought of as a hero…without being heroic.

Christopher Allen
Printers’ Marketplace

Triangle Communications Group, Inc. has been in business since 1986 and started off with 2 fulltime and 1 part time employee operating a quick print shop type operation. Since then we have grown and invested most of the profits into new equipment and we are now operating in a state-of-the-art 70,000 sq. ft. facility and can produce anything from one copy to more than 1 million. Over the last several years we have dramatically increased our services to include mailing, digital printing and most recently specialty packaging. With all the new services Triangle Communications Group, Inc. has increased our customer base significantly especially in the pharmaceutical, financial and education industries. Some of the reasons that Triangle Communications Group, Inc has been so successful include implementing a new MIS system, which will allow us to pass on info to our customers in real time and account for every detail of printed jobs.


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