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Answer: where IT professionals first look when trying to solve your computer problems. Question: What is google?

Knowledge, instructions, diagrams, and expert advice are all free if you’re marginally talented at riffling through the internet via google searches. Since the bulk of developers engineering web 2.0 (and beyond) are living the open source lifestyle its natural to speculate that the future of content within web 2.0 (and beyond) will be as openly free as the technology that delivers it. This extremely prevalent mindset has made free content a near human right to all internet users.

As publishers we know free content is never exclusive. So if your print publication’s model for success has historically been driven by exclusive content should you be asking: What is google? I think the answer, so far, is a definite maybe. So lets start examining what is available to publishers today.

My single goal with this blog is to record and critique online technologies that can help us get back in black in a big way. To kick off my blog, I’d like to start with digital delivery. Whether this technology will get generate significant and sustainable revenue for any given publication isn’t immediately obvious. But, lets never say never.

The first technology I’ll examine is Flash Paper/ iPaper. List of service providers (incomplete) includes:

If you have any experience with the aforementioned services, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Post a comment below.